Master of my domain.

Just a quick programming note . . .

I finally got around to getting the right domain name and you can now find us at plain old, simple

Sometime last summer I had just started getting serious about the blog here I looked into getting the domain to make the link simpler but my initial searches said that the domain was taken by some service that makes their money buying these domains to then sell them off. Since the name itself is taken from medical terminology it was catalogued as such and I was welcome to bid for its purchase. Well that’s just not gonna happen folks.

So I waited and thought about other options but I’ve grown up with the name pressure support so decided not to change anything. I kept it with the .wordpress address, and it’s worked out for me so far, but a few days ago my wordpress service let me know that the name was now available through their own domain service and so I jumped at the chance. 17 bucks a year. no bidding, no technical hosting crap to figure out, how could I refuse?

How is all of this going to effect you? Well that’s the best part — It’s not. You already get here just fine and there’s no need to change any bookmarks or links but also, think of all the time you’re going to save! You know how you’re always being hounded by people saying “hey what’s that awesome blog you are always going on and on about? The one all about that awesome kid and his family?”

Well now instead of having to go through with all of this “pressure support dot wordpress dot com.” you can quickly mention “pressure support dot com.” that’s like three extra syllables taken out. Easily like half a second. Compound that by how many times a day?

Anyway, Boom! No muss, no fuss, and now instead of going to an informative medical resource about the need for, and application of, pressure support ventilation; they can come here – and read me, blathering on about the “pressure” of parenting an awesome special needs child and the “support” that the three of us give to each other to make it through so well. Ugh.

Maybe the name should be put to more responsible use.

Whatever. Feel free to tell your friends.


  1. I love to check in to how your all going and the latest Liam pics, cause he too damn cute!!
    Even if you changed to the longest web address in history I’ll still be here

  2. I told my friends.

    Took about a minute. Ain’t got a lot of ’em.

    What I wanna know is why in the name of all that is hairy can I never get e-mail updates even though I check it EVERY TIME!?!?!


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