Haircut to tide you over.


Sometimes I just freeze up.

Bad news I can handle giving and I'm pretty good at putting a positive spin on it.

Mundane daily stuff (well mundane for us maybe) I can explain and hopefully make interesting.

But good news. Good news and exciting news is where I get tripped up. I'm always worried that my writing won't do good news justice.

And now I've got two big awesome nuggets of goodness and it's stressing me out. For both things I just don't have the words for how awesome they are. But I'm working on it.

For right now though, enjoy this picture I took a few minutes ago just as we finished giving Liam his haircut.


  1. Fabulous cut–love that top curl! Can’t wait for the good news–breathe deeply and plunge in to writing–please! XOX, Squirrels

  2. In our house that is known as a faux-hawk. One of my little guys is quite partial to them. He’d wear it like that daily if I let him .. my little rebel boy

    Hope you have been enjoying the time off.

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