Home again.

A urinary tract infection. Well ain’t that just a kick in the pants.

I’m currently in the big red comfy recliner next to Liam’s crib tapping this out on my phone. Posting a photo I snapped on the couch a little while ago.  If I thought my brain was scrambled a few days ago the first time we came home I’m completely fried now.

My first ride in the ambulance. Totally not as fun as it seems.  I kid -it sucks a whole new level of suck and made me even more in awe of my wife who has had the pleasure many more times than I have.

Once we were able to control Liam’s fever it was only a matter of waiting on cultures to grow out so we could get our antibiotics and get the hell out of there. Liam was stable enough that when the Picu got busy late last night they shipped us up to the “normal” hospital floor. That’s a story a different post all in itself.

The few times we’ve been put into gen-pop much of the vent and trach care has fallen to karin and I. If we have to do all the suctioning, trach sponge and daiper changing (simply because one of us is always sitting there, not because they don’t check every couple of hours) We might as well be at home. “The Floors” (as its called, as opposed to “The Unit”) is a frustrating place for us. Our house is like a hospital floor. Complete with medical supplies and nursing staff. Which is why 98% of Liam’s hospital time has been spent in intensive care units.

Anyway. Sensitivities came back this morning and by the time the ink on the lab slip was dry Liam was dressed and in his stroller waiting to bust out of the joint.

We made it home and Liam has been sleeping it off since we got here. Right now, things arond here are very good.

A favor, if you could, please help Liam through the next few days by sending thoughts of waterfalls and rainstorms, running faucets and ocean waves. It’s important that  Liam urinates well these next few days. If he doesn’t void enough it’s back we go. He’s already gone pretty good today but the next few days are important.

Ok. Enough rambling. I’ve got all sorts of hospital stay related posts and ideas but I’ll need a few days to wrap my head around things. Thank you all so much for the emails, comments, and positive thoughts. It never goes unappreciated.

‘Night all.


  1. We are well versed with the “pee-pee dance”, so we will shake it like no other here in California.

    Ah, the memories of general population. Never been there much. Mostly NICU, CTICU and 8 months, nearly straight, on the oncology floor, and I have to tell you, I literally cried when we had to cohabitate with the normal folk. Weirdly comforting in the places most avoid at all cost.

    Rest well sweet Liam and mommy and daddy too.

  2. Glad you’re back. Sooner than I expected, actually I was thinking I might have to phone you about how to actually send the iPad, because wasn’t sure if you would want it sent to the house, the hospital, or what. I’ll have it sent to the house, it will leave on Monday morning.

    Now you won’t have to tap those things out on your phone anymore, and lots of other stuff too. Sorry I wasn’t even able to do an announcement post (in fact, Sam is in the hospital with a broken leg, too…just been so off my game with the tonsillectomy, way too off my game.)


  3. We dropped by the 4th floor at Hasbro yesterday before heading to Jacob’s appointment to see if we could find you all but the nurses said you had gone home. Sorry we missed you but I was relieved that Liam was home again.

  4. Glad your home again and I see in the comment from Ken your getting your iPad!! Woohoo there’s a waterfall app you can down load, maybe it will help with the pee lol

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