Don’t cry

There are more than 10,000 of them, and they are everywhere.

It’s an art installation of 10,000 six inch square clay tiles each decorated by a child from any one of 154 different schools across Rhode Island. A two year project in the mid-nineties these thousands of tiles are permanently displayed throughout Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Hallways, waiting areas and nursing stations are all decorated with panels made up of hundreds of clay tiles decorated by children whose only instruction was to do their best.

It’s hardly surprising that most of these tiles say Get Well Soon on them somewhere. Crudly drawn animals or sunny scenes to help sick kids remember what’s going on outside are also very popular. Some tiles are etched into and some are built up 3D style with extra clay but truth be told they really all just blur together since they’re all so similar.

But then there’s this one. This one stands out.

It’s in the basement but on the way to pedi imaging so we see it fairly often and it makes me smile every time.


It says it better than ever could really.

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