A test confirming that I live in the future.


I just figured out that I can set my posterous site that I email my cell phone photos to can autopost the entries right to my WordPress blog. Rather than having stuff all over the place it makes sense to have everything post here. So consider this a test post.

A test post sent from my phone. Crazy.

Anyway. The photo is of Liam the Lion sitting with his Liam the Lion from Themonkeyville.com (maybe some day I’ll even learn to use my phone to link to things)

Its usually all monkeys over there but just for Liam came this wonderful lion. With glasses and everything. I keep meaning to blog about themonkeyville.com but keep forgetting. I’ll remember to write it soon but not by tapping away at my phone. That’s a post for a keyboard.

And this, let’s all remember, is just a TEST post to be sure that I can really post my favorite cell phone photos right to my blog.

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