Skipping the Excuses

Last night while getting ready for bed…

KARIN: So what are you going to do tonight when Liam falls asleep? Are you finally going to blog something?

ME: Yeah, I better.

KARIN: What are you going to write about? Mother’s Day? The Walk? Your beer (insert eye roll)?

ME: No. I guess I’m going to write one of those “Sorry I haven’t posted in so long I promise to do better, I just get tired and end up watching Dr. Who or BSG.. blah . . blah” posts.

KARIN: Yeah, um, but aren’t you getting sick of writing those things?

That’s my wife folks!

And she’s right.

As usual.

Anyway, yes I’m back. And I’m trying to just cruise through the awkward first post where I make excuses for not posting in a while. Instead I’m gonna skip the excuses and fill everyone in on the goings on of the Olson’s life bullet style….

  • When last we met, The Olson’s had just made their radio debut! A complete success on all counts since the hospital was able to raise a huge amount of money (just under $500,000) and we all had a great time. One would think that after a cool thing like that a smart blogger would build on that momentum and try to drive more traffic to my site. Yup. Me in the other hand would use all that momentum to go on a 6 week hiatus. Always remember, I’m really not very good at this.
  • Liam had his bi-annual bronchoscopy and it went fine.  We were in and out of the hospital in under 6 hours and results were typical and without any surprises. Hospital stays are never easy but this one was as close to easy as could be.
  • I brew beer now. Batch number four is currently conditioning in its bottles. I have been very proud of the results so far and so have the few who have been lucky enough to try a pint; but this hobby is taking over my life.
  • The little Man has grown over and inch in the last three months. While that information is awesome it is getting a little annoying that he’s long enough now that I can’t share the couch with him without being repeatedly kicked in the thigh. Low muscle tone my ass!
  • Thanks to Liam’s eager physical therapist a wheelchair access ramp has been added to the house. Taking Liam for a walk is no longer a two person job. Karin and Liam have been given back the freedom of going for daily walks around the neighborhood even if I’m at work. It’s a game changer, and while it does take away a bit of our yard it is beyond worth it.
  • I grow hops now. The Olson & Son Hopyard was established earlier this week with the planting of Willamette, Newport, Chinook, and Golding Hops behind my garage. The hops will be used in my beer. Taking. Over. My life.
  • We’ve taken on a new night nurse who gives us three nights a week of Karin and I getting a full night’s rest. She is fitting in well and is a welcome addition to the team after four full months of our four-hour sleep shifts.
  • The 2011 March of Dimes March for Babies was held at Colt State Park. As usual Team Liam was well represented and met our fundraising goals again this year. I feel bad for not promoting the walk more aggressively by using this blog but I’m preparing another post to talk about all of that.
  • Mother’s Day happened! After spending her first two Mother’s Days visiting Liam in a hospital Karin enjoyed her first one at home with a full night’s sleep, being awoken in bed by her son, (He doesn’t get upstairs very often and so this was a very big deal) and a masterfully cooked breakfast of strawberry stuffed french toast. Relaxation ruled the day for Mom as she was given all of the snuggles and almost none of the dirty diapers to change.
  • And the big news that prompted me back into blogging was the fact that we have been chosen as one of the winners in the iPad giveaway for children with special needs. The news came a few days ago and all three of us are so excited by the news.  Karin has spent the last three days researching applications and software to aid in Liam’s communication and other developmental categories.  Mike is doing amazing work with his blogging community with MarissasBunny and I am in awe of his drive to get these things done. A big Pressure Support Thank You to everyone who made the giveaway possible.
  • More important than our win though is that Mike at and his employers are raffling off another ipad to raise funds for their foundation to get more of these amazing tools into the hands of special needs children who can use them. Please do what you can to help even if it’s just spreading the word.
And I guess that’s the last 6 weeks in a nutshell. If you’re a longtime reader thanks for hanging in there, and if you’re a new visitor (maybe by way of the iPad giveaway announcement.) welcome! Hope you come back and enjoy your stay.

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