Magic Captured


Obviously I didn’t take the picture. Karin shot this while I should have been helping to get everything ready for our trip to the hospital tomorrow morning for Liam’s bronch. It’s a routine procedure where Liam’s ENT Surgeon takes a look at his airway under anesthesia. While he’s under she’ll also slice out a nasty granuloma that has grown at Liam’s trach site. Basically its just scar tissue that the body develops at the site of his trach (and feeding tube). It’s gotten so big we’ve named it Gary the Granuloma and we are happy to see him go.

Anyway, Liam needs to be in the O.R. at 7:45am which is pretty early in the morning for this family.  I just had to get this picture up as soon as I saw it.

One comment

  1. See you guys later on today, hope all goes well with the Bronch and granuloma removals.

    Great Picture of the two of you!

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