Because somebody has got to maintain this blog.

Oh, Hi. It’s me Liam. That’s me up there.

I’m sure that if he weren’t so obsessed with his new hobby making beer my dad would be the one writing this post but he’s off sanitizing bottles or reading about yeast so I guess I’ll pick up his slack and write something.  He did get these photos ready to post after all.

Don’t let him fool you though, Mommy’s the one who actually took these first three pictures.

Things for me have been going great. With flu season over and a couple of really mild days Mom and Dad have gotten me out of the house a bunch lately. Walks around town, visits to my Meme and Grampa’s house, I was even out after dark last night!

The day-to-day stuff has been going well also. I’m sleeping better at night now which Mom and Dad seem to appreciate. It’s even given me more energy during the day.

Last week I needed every bit of that energy during occupational therapy. ‘Sensory play’ they tell me it’s called but it seems to me a polite way of saying stick his hands into one weird thing or another. Shaving cream.

Carpet swatches?.

Whatever, I play along to keep everyone happy, but this week was different. This week I couldn’t contain my excitement! This sensory play was my favorite yet…

Two words —


Have you ever just cooked up a batch and played with a pack of Ramen? Well do yourself the favor. I smushed them around, I lifted a few up, I even pulled the container closer to my chest to get at them.

My occupational therapist even wrote in my chart that it was the most expressive like/dislike responses she has ever seen! (I am very expressive with my family and some of my nurses but notoriously shy in front of almost everyone else) I was having a blast.

A blast with Ramen Noodles.

Until they got cold. Then I was done with them and don’t ever try to make me touch cold Ramen Noodles. They are gross and I don’t like them. (Why can’t they just stay warm?)

Anyway, Moving on. Dad grabbed an old memory card out of his photo bag the other night so he could take a picture of his first glass of homebrewed beer (seriously dad? A picture of a beer?) and found a whole bunch of pictures from the first week I was alive on it that had never been erased. I guess him and mom got all sappy and nostalgic because next thing I know I’m being forced to watch a slide show of a bunch of my baby photos. Dad realized that he didn’t have this blog yet when I was born and decided to post a few of my baby pics for his readers. Not my idea at all.

I’ve got to warn you I’m only wearing a diaper in some of these. How embarrassing is that?

Mom gets to touch my feet. She couldn’t hold me yet for a whole bunch of reasons but we both wanted to. I was 9 days old when they finally got to hold me. Before that they only got to gently rest their fingers on my skin. I think I’m 2 or maybe 3 days old here. This was before hundreds of heel sticks to check blood gasses made it so I wouldn’t let anyone touch my feet. My Mom still can touch my feet. Only her though.

Geez look at that skin! What’s a preemie gotta do to get a little lotion rub-down every now and again am I right?

Ah, Was I ever that young? Gotta be less than ten days old here since I’m still rocking my umbilical line. Mom and Dad still hadn’t even held me I was still so young. What a dork I was thinking that breathing tube and tape on my face was cool. Man, what the heck were we thinking with the fashion back in the 2008’s? I’m like my dad that way with clothes, function always beats style.

All right, all right, enough of the walk down memory lane. You guys are making me feel old, what with my big 2 -7 (months) coming up for me  this week. Beach weather’s coming soon and seeing how slim and trim I was when I was younger is just making me want to hit the treadmill but I won’t.

Darn low muscle tone.

But maybe . . .

if there’s some Ramen Noodles . . .

Later Folks. It’s been fun and all but I’m leaving this blogging stuff for dad. (even though I’m much better at it.)

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