3 months into 2011 and I’ve only written 6 posts.

Right.  So rather than make this a blog in which every single post is a list of excuses as to why I haven’t blogged we are going to change directions a bit.

When I started this blog it was a fun way of twiddling away the late night hours be they in my living room or Liam’s bedroom or even in Liam’s hospital room. Short posts, jokes, book and movie reviews, you tube clips and music, I’d just post whatever I felt like posting. It was fun. No readers meant no expectations, it also meant no pressure.

Then I wrote a couple of essays about what it was like to spend time in the PICU and all of a sudden I had readers. Not just the few family and friends checking for updates on Liam – I’m talking about readers who I had never met in real life. Readers who read something I wrote about being a parent of a special needs child and actually liked it enough to come back and read some more. It wasn’t very long after those essays posted that Karin and Liam and I found ourselves on TV! All thanks to this blog and a few little pieces I wrote in it. At that time, it was still fun.

After that series of essays concluded I came to the realization that people out there were actually reading and enjoying things that I had written. And that’s when I messed it all up.  Suddenly every post had to be a big important essay. Every post had to be about seizures and ventilators and what it’s like to be the parent of a child with special needs.

I need to bring back the fun.

I post late at night. Sometimes Liam falls right to sleep and I have enough energy to put together some long, well thought out blog. More often than not though, the idea of writing an essay about that day’s seizures or the 4 hour doctor’s appointment that morning is too exhausting to attempt. It’s much easier to put on Netflix and relax.

Please understand that this is not to say that posts about parenting, special needs, and other longer posts will disappear. Just that in between those posts you may get a few more little nuggets about books I’m reading, or music I’m listening to, or my most  recent obsession with home brewing (I’ll be bottling my first batch on saturday.)

I do envy and admire bloggers like Mike (Marissa’s Bunny) and Ellen (Love that Max) for their tireless dedication to blogging about their children’s special needs and how it affects their families and lives. I like to think that I do a pretty good job here of showing what life is like in the Olson house, but in addition to being Liam’s Dad, a position I am lucky and proud to hold, I’m also just Eric and this is my blog.


  1. Hey Eric, How’s everything bud? We have been having an interesting 2 weeks since coming home from the PICU. Ry guy must have picked up a bug in there or something. How’s Liam, Karin? Do you guys have any walks planned yet for the spring, we are itching to get out for some exercise and fresh air. I was thinking about buying one of those tow behind kid trailers for the mountain bike and hit the bike paths with ryan and Jeanne soon, any thoughts on those?

    I am starting to think about brewing my own beer as well, any tips that you can share with me in the future would help alot.

    Speaking of beer, are you heading to the beerfest in April?

    Also, if you like craft beer and can find a moment to head out with me, I found a great place in Warwick called “Track 84”, great selection of craft beer.


  2. well Eric, while I have little to say about parenting a child with special needs, I do know a bit about blogging. And, you know, what I know of you, your blog fits you…and the fact that you will scratch out quite a few run of the mill, day in the life ins and outs, well that encourages people too–and also helps them get to know you outside of being Liam’s dad. And, also, I don’t think you can keep a blog going if the daily writing you envision doing drains you…then it becomes a chore and well, it just takes the joy right out of it. So, keep it alive here in the ways that fill you up and everyone will enjoy and learn from that ride. just my {humble} two cents;) tell Karin ‘hi’, PLEASE:) and give her a long overdue, wish I could do it in person, hug from me.

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