Does it Sound Like I’m on Old Time Radio?

If you follow the Pressure Support Twitter feed then you know that we had a fun and exciting morning. We packed up and hit the road early (early for us anyway) to get to the local Citadel Broadcasting headquarters to be interviewed for the radio!

Long time readers of the blog will remember that last year we were asked to appear on a local TV program to sing the praises of Hasbro Children’s Hospital in the lead up to their annual fundraiser walk.  This appearance actually stems from that opportunity. In April the Citadel Broadcasting group of radio stations (I’ll post a list as the event comes closer) will be broadcasting the Hasbro Children’s Hospital Telethon which we have been asked to participate in.  I’ll post all the details as the event comes closer as well as how you can help and donate. During the telethon, which will of course be a live event, all of the participating stations will also play musical montages that contain pre-recorded interview clips. That’s what we took care of this morning.

It was fun. We got a tour of the station and spent like 20 minutes bragging about Liam and  telling stories about our friends at Hasbro who have done so much to help us. Everyone there was of course instantly smitten with Liam. He was a big hit.  Just wait til they get a chance to see him awake.  Yep, that’s my boy, probably the most excitement he’s had all month but Liam decided to sleep through it all.  Anyway, I’ll do a big build up to the telethon itself when it gets closer and will try to post some kind of audio file of the interviews if I can but for now its time to get some sleep since we all got out of bed earlier than normal this morning.

So yes, I’m tired. And yes, I know that I say that a lot.

Before I try to sleep though, here’s a cell phone shot I snapped just before we started the interview. That’s Karen who interviewed and recorded us.

Oh and by the way, the friends that I talked about in the last post went home from the hospital today. Yay!!


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