Quick picture dump for the holidays.


Last year Liam slept through his first Christmas.  I mean the whole day.  The morning opening presents under the tree?  Asleep.  Dinner with family?  Asleep.  The afternoon spent hiding from relatives who may carry germs that his fresh-from-the-hospital immune system couldn’t handle?  Asleep.  So I was  happy that this year Liam decided to get up and enjoy Christmas.


Christmas morning with his Grampa


My parents and my sister came over in the morning to open the presents that Santa had left under the tree.  Even though I told Liam that Santa only comes if your asleep, Liam stayed up late the night before wanting to get a peek of the big guy himself. But eventually, he pooped out so that Santa could come in and take care of business.

And by business I mean spoiling Liam rotten.  A job he excelled at this year.


Christmas morning with his Meme



The coolest shoes from Chicago


A special delivery from Chicago brought Liam’s first chucks from his Auntie Jannah and Uncle Phil.


Christmas Day with Auntie Tina


Christmas dinner was at my Auntie Kelly and Uncle Steve’s house and was also fun.  Liam stayed home from any large gatherings all of last winter so seeing him passed around by family warms my heart.   Although a limit was eventually reached where Liam had had enough of the loud laughter and singing, he hung in there for longer than I thought he would.  As soon as he got really cranky we packed it in.  From there it was a quiet and calm night at home.  Just Mom, Dad, and baby.  It was a Merry Christmas.


Christmas Day with his Gramama and Auntie Judy


Liam’s 2nd birthday was the day after Christmas.  My work schedule and a pretty big blizzard threw that day into the wringer so we wiped the slate clean and actually celebrated on the night of the 27th.  Karin tricked Liam into believing that the 26th was actually the 25th and so Monday was his birthday.  The kid bought it too.  Hook, line, and sinker.

Most of the parent type blogs that I come across have big essays or letters to the children on their birthday.   They are usually heartfelt and moving so leading up to his birthday I thought I would give it a whirl.  Only when it was finished it really did become a letter to my son on his second birthday.    A letter from me to him.    Not from me to him and anyone who happens to have an internet connection and a google search for “boring parent blog with pictures of the most handsomest little boy in the world.”

Joined by close family we had a small get-together to mark Liam’s special day.  The highlight for me was turning off his supplemental oxygen tank (safety first) and ventilator alarms, and letting the breath through his circuit blow out the candle on his cake.


look who's 2!


Karin made the cake and the icing is a homemade whipped cream so that it could be made just the right consistency for Liam to have some.  The temperature took some getting used to but he liked it once he got a taste for it.


I just looked up to see that it’s after 2am and so its off to the couch for me for a bit of reading before bed.   Hope you are all enjoying the season and have a safe New Year if I don’t talk to you by then.


Night all.


  1. Eric, Karin, Liam,
    Thanks so much for joining us on Christmas Day. We so enjoyed having you all here and sharing a great day. We are already planning a little renovation should we be hosting again next year! Sorry it got so loud Liam, but as you already know, that’s the nature of this beast…I mean, family. Happy birthday, Happy New Year, Happy times ahead!
    Auntie Kelly

  2. Birthday cake looks fabulous and birthday boy is an absolute sweetheart! Thanks for sharing all the great pics! Happy New Year to you all! Love, S.

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