Another Place Holder Post.

Just another quick post just so I can say I posted.  Karin snapped this picture of her two boys a few hours ago with her phone.

Liam’s rocking the curls up top pretty hard these days.


And speaking of rocking, The Olson household’s schedule will be rocked pretty hard for the forseeable future, as our home nursing schedule has been drastically changed until replacements can be found.  It remains to be seen whether or not the changes will result in more or less time for creative output to the blog.  I am certain though that this will definitely result in less time of Karin and I sleeping since the largest of the changes is the loss of our night nurse.  For a little over a year she has been our most reliable, consistent and helpful nurse.  She has made it possible for Karin and I to actually sleep in the same bed three nights each week.  (A luxury that we don’t know when we’ll be able to enjoy again.)  Her husband is in the military and they are being stationed on the other side of the country for a while.  She has quickly become a part of Team Liam and we will miss her more than she knows.  We’ve got a plan and we’ll adjust just like we always have, but thing’s are going to be different ’round these parts for a little while.


Liam is doing great!  He’s growing bigger and stronger a lot faster than I would like (2 years old at the end of the month?  How the hell did that happen?)  and our playtime grows more and more interactive all the time.  The never-ending teething process continues to create problems but we deal.   I find it amazing that through over 9 months of hospital stays and countless surgeries no amount of pain or discomfort has affected Liam as much as the pushing through of teeth.  Since his nutrition is still through a feeding tube in his side Liam is unable to chew any foods to help teeth poke through.  Instead we have occupational therapy tools and other teething aides but Liam is seldom interested in co-operating with them and it’s just not the same as a good, soggy, spit filled piece of zwieback toast.

Anyway, things here in the Olsonshire are going just swimmingly thank-you very much and I’ll try to get back to the more in-depth content soon but figured I’d check in for a quick wave hello.


So hello.  Hope you’re all doing well.

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