No lights but look… Bread!

The weekend is over and the Christmas lights remain packed up in the garage until next weekend when the plan now also includes the putting up of the christmas tree.  Listen folks, I really did mean to get them up but Sunday was the first day in almost 3 weeks in which the house remained free of nurses, or visiting relatives (not that we minded the relatives of course, I’m just saying, having our own house all to ourselves…it’s kind of a big deal) and so the pull of spending my time snuggling with Liam and watching football was far to great to resist.

It wasn’t a completely unproductive day though and I did promise you all pictures, so I present to you….

The Banana Bread!

Karin hates it when I post pictures of food.

Yup, I made banana bread and it was delicious.  You should all be very jealous.



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