In which I complain about posting on a saturday but then go ahead and post multiple times.

A change of plans since Karin was at work all day and I was just unable to get the christmas lights ready to hang.  Maybe tomorrow.  Instead, I am introducing Liam to a holiday tradition for our family.  Since the release of the first film almost 10 years ago, due to its release date and the release date of the subsequent films and their DVD counterparts, Karin and I have enjoyed watching the Lord of the Rings films around the holidays.  Extended DVD editions of course.  So today Liam and Daddy will retire to the living room where we will watch as much of the trilogy as he will endure.  I’m fully prepared to spend the next two days banging out the whole series but alas, those christmas lights will need to be strung up and I suppose I’ll have to feed myself and the boy at some point as well.  I hope that you all are having a wonderful holiday season and partaking in whatever odd traditions you and yours have enjoyed.   Two years ago we spent the holidays in the hospital.  Last year we spent the holiday season on lock-down at home fearful of everyone and the germs that may bring into our house.  This year it is all about enjoying the season and teaching Liam what it means to be an Olson at Christmas time.

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