Topical, until tomorrow at least.

I meant to post this link last night and completely forgot.  Sorry about that.  Anyway, before the month does end, make sure that you go here and read about the confrontation between John Scalzi and November.  Hilarious, and well worth a mouse click at least.  If you enjoy witty and intelligent commentary on all sorts of topics you should be reading John’s blog Whatever anyway.  If you enjoy science-fiction you should be reading his books as well.



The day off was full of win.  Success at the library, success with the Christmas shopping, and I even got to take an afternoon nap.   The nurse leaves at 7pm and so I’ll spend the rest of the night playing with Liam in the quiet of a house without staff.


Until 11pm when the night nurse comes in for her shift.  Nap or no, I’ve got a feeling that I’ll have no trouble sleeping as soon as she gets here.


Talk to you soon.

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