Sleep and Stories

After a few hours of begging and pleading I have finally gotten Liam to sleep.  The house is quiet now aside from the gentle white noise of his ventilator.  It’s like our own unique white noise machine.   Instead of the crashing of waves we get the rhythmic inhales and exhales of Liam’s 14 breaths per minute as he rides his ventilator through dreamland.  I am the only one in the house who is awake; including the cats who are probably snuggled at Karin’s feet waiting for her to stir since any movement of hers between now and 4am will , in their minds, most definitely be only to feed them.

I had intended to do some writing tonight but as I look at the clock and see that 2am has already passed me by I’ll just retire to the couch and nap lightly until Karin comes downstairs from the bedroom and we trade places.   I would read until then but I finished the last of my library books just before putting Liam to bed and hesitate to start anything new until tomorrow when I will get a chance to pick up a new stack of titles at the library.  I’ve been reading quite a bit lately and will compile it all into a post of recommendations soon (until then the curious out there can see what I’ve been reading on my GoodReads profile).  I get very excited about going to the library and over the past 4 or 5 months I have made it a point to go to the library every single that I don’t have to work.  A day of no work and a big stack of new books to read – what’s better than that?  Plop the kid in my lap for a while and the Wife with me on the couch and I’m in paradise.  But all that’s tomorrow, after the errands are run and the Christmas shopping has begun.  Right now its off to sleep for me, at least for a little while.

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