Welcome (back) to the working week.

I’m pretty sure that my father and brother need to start a band together if for no other reason than using this photo as their first album cover.  (Or at least in the liner notes.)


Thanksgiving weekend draws to a close and its back to business as usual.  Thursday was wonderful.  Turkey and pie were eaten and family was seen.  Liam was unimpressed by both the butternut squash (pictured) and  the mashed potatoes.  He’ll stick to his formula, pumped gently right into his feeding tube while the rest of us keep having to chew our food, like a bunch of chumps.  


Even though I had to work through most of it, the rest of the weekend was spent with family.  Karin’s sister Kathy stayed over friday and into saturday.   She baked us cookies and cooked us a delicious dinner on friday night.  Thanks Kathy.    Saturday night was spent with my sister Sandra my brother Phil and his girlfriend Jannah who were in town from Chicago for the holiday weekend.  We all woke up early this morning to have a big breakfast at my Mom and Dad’s place before I had to go to work.  Phil and Jannah slaved over the stove, treating us to bacon, eggs, and scratch made biscuits and sausage gravy.  Delicious.  Thanks again Phil and Jannah.  Totally worth the exhaustion that has weighed me down all day.

Getting the whole fam together only happens a few times a year and so Mom wanted a picture of the whole clan.  We posed for a family portrait and other silliness before I headed to out to work and Karin and Liam headed home since his vent battery was getting angry.


As much as I love the holidays and the time spent with family, it will be nice to have a little quiet, private, alone time as a family and I can’t wait for it to actually happen, a week from now.  Until then we’ll go back to sharing the house with nurses and other medical staff such as physical therapists and service care coordinators.


I really am exhausted so this post will just be a quick wave hello and a dump of a few thanksgiving pictures.  Hope you all had a great holiday, and I’ll talk to you soon.


Liam and a couple of great-grandmothers.



My Mom & Dad. (Taken by my sister Sandra)

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