Lazy Saturday

While my wife and my mother enjoy this fall morning at the church bazaar looking at knit scarves and tissue box cozies I am afforded the morning just hanging out with Liam.  He was so excited about it that he had a seizure though, and so now he is sleeping it off on the couch beside me.  It’s the first seizure in close to a week though so we are very happy with his progress.  A dose change to his meds about a week ago has managed things quite well.  A fact that I mentioned out loud this morning even though I know I should have knocked on wood while saying it.  “He hasn’t had a seizure in a while” I said to Karin this morning,  I might as well have flashed a strobe light in his eyes.


On top of that Liam is still teething.  With his nutrition coming by feeding tube and not by mouth he never gets a chance to chew anything to help poke those chompers through his gums and so the already drawn out process becomes more and more drawn out.  Poor thing.  He’s handling it very well though.  Of course, he’s a lot tougher than I am.


It’s a Saturday though and so I’ll let him nap while I pick out a movie to watch.  After the revolving door of an ordinary week it’s nice to give him a rest from the PT and OT and Speech therapy and other visits so we’ll all just hang out in the living room.  What better way to spend an autumn saturday afternoon?


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