Helpful TMI

Is it a gross invasion of Liam’s privacy that based on his ventilator numbers and the peak inspiratory pressures of his lungs I can tell that he needs to let rip a good long fart, and I can position him on his side to make it easier for him (while keeping myself downwind) to do so.

Or is it just plain gross?  The way I see it, we both benefit.  It’s win-win.

It’s also hilarious to see just how much letting a good one rip can affect  how well he inflates his lungs.  Almost immediately, ventilator readings show Liam’s relief with huge volumes of air and the pressures needed to do it (PIP’s)  dropping to much more relaxed levels.  It’s also funny what passes as funny in my house these days.  Respiratory therapy and fart jokes, we’ll be taking the ventilator act on the road soon.  You can hardly see my lips move anymore.  See what I did there?

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