No I said the Liam sized bag.

So let’s just lay it all on the line here,  It’s been a struggle to get the Olson household’s schedule back to normal since Liam’s hospital stay.  All three of us have been battling both insomnia and exhaustion.  Until yesterday Liam was extra grumpy and fussy.  Problem with that was that there really was no way of determining exactly where the fussiness, crankiness, and sleeplessness were coming from.  Was it from the bronchoscopy?  Or maybe the drastic change to his ventilator settings?  Teething hasn’t subsided yet so that could be it as well.

Anyway, it’s all in the past now as Liam is back to his normal chipper self.  He’s adjusted to his new settings very well and we’ve even weaned him off of his supplemental oxygen.  No more oxygen tank is a huge deal and makes him so much more portable.  A very big step.

I am on vacation from work this week.  On Mondays and Tuesdays we have the help of one of our favorite and most trusted nurses so yesterday Karin and I were able to enjoy the Scituate Art Festival.  It’s become a family tradition of sorts.   Nothing to write home about on the “art” part of the sale, but they did have a freshly made kettle corn booth and as tradition dictates we needed to buy a bag.  Good thing we had the appropriate equipment to transport it home without damaging any kernels.

I suppose we really didn’t need the big bag but if we bought any other sized bag we wouldn’t be able to say that it was Liam sized.

That’s right, Liam sized.


I’m off to enjoy the rest of my vacation Tuesday.  Perhaps I’ll have another post done tonight but I’m enjoying my time off way too much to worry about it.  Talk to you all soon.



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