Ready for our close-up.

I keep trying to embed the video right here but its not working and It’s late and I’m tired right now so please go watch us on our live television interview here and then come right back.

Team Liam makes their television debut on Fox Providence’s The Rhode Show!

The whole experience was such a blur.  We even made it home long before I normally drag my lazy butt out of bed.  This morning the Olson house woke up at 6am and hit the ground running.  A flurry of checking bags and equipment  while Liam’s night nurse helped to get him ready to travel.  It was a bonus that the appearance was on a morning after a night nurse shift.  Karin and I tried to get as much sleep as we could but it still wasn’t much.  Before I could even make a cup of coffee we were off to our television debut!

We were met at the door by the show’s producer and led through narrow half-hallways to the “green room” of sorts.  The Ghost Hunters who would be on later in the show to promote their third book were already sipping coffee and chatting with crew members.  We rolled Liam to a table where we wouldn’t be in the way and set-up camp.  Maggie from the hospital was there and greeted us with a smile.   In true Rhode Island fashion, Maggie graduated high school with my brother and was a dance student with my sister for years.  Everyone knows everyone in this tiny little state.

A candidate for governor arrived and the tiny little room got smaller.   The ghost guys came over and introduced themselves and everyone in the room started asking about Liam.  We bragged for a bit and then we were told it was showtime and shuffled off to the brand new Channel 12 news studio.  I didn’t even have time to get nervous.

Each of the three different sets within the studio were surprisingly small.  I always envisioned wide open stages for lights and cameras to wheel around and turn.  I was amazed at how just inches away from the camera lens’s view would be a wall or the side of the next set.  It was fun to see.  We waited a few moments while the hosts chit-chatted about a kid with a violin or something.  I wasn’t paying much attention.  I was looking around and trying to soak it all in.  It seems that being on television for the first time was more fun than I had anticipated.

Karin and I weren’t surprised that Liam slept through the interview.  Bright lights and crowds tucker him out anyway but last night wasn’t one of Liam’s best so we were happy that he was finally getting some much-needed rest.   Seizure activity was on the rise earlier this week so his meds were adjusted the other day.  We’ll probably spend the next week wrestling his sleep schedule back into form.  The week following a seizure med adjustment are usually spent battling insomnia at night and daylong naps.  Happens every time.  Add to that the fact that Liam has a few more teeth breaking through today, he was extra ornery when awake.

We were placed on some tape marks on the stage floor and waited our turn.  The interviewer introduced herself asked how old Liam was and the next thing I knew, it was Lights. Camera. Action!

The interview went by fast.  I’m talking over before it began fast.  By the time I felt comfortable the red-light went out and The Rhode Show was on to new topics.  Something about Facebook or, something.  Who cares?  It wasn’t about Liam anymore.  The producer escorted us out of the studio and just about an hour after we had arrived we were packing Liam into the car and heading home.  We were beaming that it went so well and our cell phones started buzzing with texts telling us that it looked as good as it felt.  Pretty fun way to start a friday I tell you what.

Huge thanks go out to both Jill and Maggie at Hasbro who made it happen.  Thanks to you readers who have enjoyed the blogs recent change in direction.  Liam may have slept but he did a fantastic job and his mother and I couldn’t be prouder.

Its 2am now.  Pretty sure I already mentioned that I got up at 6 so I’m pretty beat.  I’m signing off now to watch some TV and wait for the mom and dad shift change at 4.  What an awesome day.


  1. This was so great to watch! As expected, Liam stole the show even asleep and his little hand holding Karin’s the whole time was priceless! You represented and spoke so well for the hospital and I love how your blog is linked from the on-line clip of you on the show! I feel like I know some famous people now!;)

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