How cool is that?

On Friday morning Team Liam (Karin, Liam & I) are going to be on TV!   We will be on Fox Providence’s The Rhode Show as part of a  feature about The Walk for Hasbro as a family touched by Hasbro.  It will be our first television appearance and its all thanks to this here little blog.  I can’t tell you how truly honored I feel to represent all of the families out there who have been affected by the wonderful folks at Hasbro and to represent all of the families who plan on walking this sunday.

A Media Relations Officer at Hasbro Children’s Hospital coordinating The Walk set herself a google alert for anything posted about the fundraiser and found us here and my pieces about Hasbro.  As media requests came to her she kept us in mind and next thing you know we’re being asked to show up at a TV studio for a live interview far earlier than I usually wake up.  (Karin and Liam are always up this early though so any complaining I might do will of course fall on deaf ears and gain me zero sympathy.)  A live television interview all because of my late night ramblings on this page simply blows my mind.

Anyway,  all three of us are super excited about being interviewed on tv and more importantly about raising awareness for the event.  Hopefully we can spread the word enough to get a few more people at the walk and a few more dollars donated to Hasbro.

Thanks to my new readers at Hasbro and thanks to the family and friends who have humored me by coming back to read our little story.  If you are in the Rhode Island area tune in to Fox Providence at 8am for The Rhode Show.  If you only have a few minutes, I’m told we’ll be on just about halfway through the program and if it gets posted anywhere online I’ll be sure to post a link here.


  1. Great job this morning on the Rhode Show.!! You all looked great and Liam looked so grown up. You are quite a wonderful family. Have a great rest of this day. Love you all, Grandmama

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