Help us help the hospital.

On October third Liam, Karin, and I will be participating in The Walk for Hasbro Children’s Hospital.  As many of you know after our 153 day stay in the NICU at Women & Infants Hospital Liam only went home for a few weeks.  After that it was 109 days in the PICU at Hasbro Children’s Hospital.  Both hospital’s will always hold a special place in our hearts of course, but our relationship with Hasbro is ongoing.  Actually, only a few days after the walk, Liam will be admitted for a few days  into the Hasbro Hilton (bit of an inside joke for our PICU nurses) for a bronchoscopy and a vent settings check before the dreaded flu season.   We know Hasbro and as weird as it may sound we feel comfortable in Hasbro.  As comfortable as a hospital stay can possibly be (which is not very).

Anyway, I digress, Karin and I are looking for your help.  If any of you out there can help please click over to my Walk page here ( and donate to a worthy and wonderful cause.  The donations made to this event will fund both patient care and research for the future.  Anything you may be able to spare would be greatly appreciated by countless children and families across Rhode Island.

Team Liam is excited and truly honored to have been asked to be a part of Team Panda for this event.  Amanda and her family were in the PICU at the same time as Liam.   Our families spent a lot of time worrying and waiting together.  Amanda’s strength and her family’s love and devotion for each other serve as a constant inspiration for Karin and I.  Amanda’s recovery still inspires us and to think that I get to be there with her and her family as she walks across that finish line makes me happy just thinking about it.

Please click the links above or the logo at the top of the sidebar and give to Hasbro Children’s Hospital.  Anything you can spare is needed and appreciated.

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