Hurricane of Pageviews.

And so goes Earl the hurricane.  A fairly gentle guy that Earl, lucky for us.

Are you sure you have the right Blog?

I wasn’t going to post again tonight.  I’m tired and I have to work all weekend (including the holiday) so I was going to get some sleep.  I logged on to the computer only to check the satellite images on the storm, since I had been following it all day at work.  My WordPress dashboard was the first page I saw.  I have no idea why but for some reason I have a whole bunch of page views to this here bloggy-blog from a few days ago.   Like more than a whole bunch.  Like four times as much as I had in the whole week before – combined.  In one day.  Now I’m not one of those internet experts but I’m guessing that a blog post about how there will be no blog post isn’t usually a big traffic magnet.  But something happened, and that’s cool with me.  The thing is, whatever it was, I’d like to keep people coming back.  Making with the whole bloggity-blog is a lot more fun if I know someone out there is reading.

So to all of you the new readers to Pressure Support . . . thanks.

Thanks for keeping me from a good night’s sleep.  Thanks a lot.

I kid, I kid.   I really do appreciate it.


Karin and I had a wonderful anniversary in case you were wondering.


Liam’s got nothing new to report.  He’s happy that its his monthly alone-with-Mom weekend while I’m stuck at work.  No nurse today made it a three-day affair. Yes, of course I’m jealous.  I’ll get over it.

Karin tried for a photo shoot today to get us some fresh pictures of the boy but it was gloomy and grey and Liam wasn’t feeling his most photogenic today so you’ll have to accept this far off cell-phone shot of me and Liam at the Walk for Brandon event we attended last weekend.

Have a happy and safe Labor Day folks!

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