No mouth breathers allowed.

The presence of a ventilator in a home is at some times jarring, stressful, and exhausting while at others calming, soothing, and reassuring.  It’s hard to explain.  Which is why it’s so important for families that know to get together.  This weekend we are lucky enough to get to do that twice.

In some sort of karmic Six Degrees of Liam Olson game the universe seems intent on playing with our family (a karass perhaps)  we have become close with a family that spent a few months in the NICU just after Liam’s discharge.  Their son who is also trached and vented is having his first birthday party tomorrow.  All three of us are excited to attend.

On Sunday we will be attending the Helping Hands for Brandon charitable walk.  Brandon’s is a wonderful story and his family has helped us with advice throughout our time at home.  Oddly enough we have never met face to face but our families are connected through some mutual acquaintances and similar circumstances.   I’ve been looking forward to meeting Brandon and his parents for some time.  Their texts and Facebook messages have been both thoughtful and helpful and I am eager to repay the favor by volunteering at the walk.

Our families have all come together through our ventilators.  (I’m trying with all my might to refrain from an unfortunate “breathing life into our friendships” pun but the urge is just too great.  So there you go. Boom, Roasted.)    Each of our paths have been different.  Each of these wonderful kids have different reasons to need the equipment that they do.  Our differences probably outweigh our similarities by a large margin. But there’s that one.  That one.  That big grey box breathing, beeping, and blinking through our homes and hearts that bring us closer than just friends.   We’re a club.  A close-knit little club and who doesn’t enjoy getting together with their club?  We may even build a fort.

I’ll take pictures.   Hope you have a good weekend.


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