It’s a horn!

It's a horn

Sometime Liam looks like he’s playing an instrument in his sleep.  Every time it happens Karin and I end up singing and whistling the song from the canteen in Mos Eisley.  Last time it happened (pictured above) I had the tune stuck in my head for three days.  Earworm.

Rooter the Rooster is a Rhode Island Red.

Here’s Liam and his newest pal, Rooter the Rooster.  A gift from someone named Rooter he has quickly made his way to the top of the rotation with his soft fuzziness and the fact that he’s a Rhode Island Red.

Liam watching Opa

Karin’s dad gets a soft cloth to wipe Liam’s face while he watches, and while I’m at it let’s throw up Liam with his other grandfather.

There you go.  Pictures count as a blog post right?  Too tired for using words.

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