First some gibber jabber about TV and then a medical situation.

I never watched Buffy.  I’ve heard things and I suppose if I gave it a try I’d probably enjoy it, but for some reason I don’t remember I didn’t think it worth my time. I never really gave it much of a shot.  I’d heard of Joss Whedon and how great a TV writer he was but never gave him much thought either.  I might have to rethink my position on him and Buffy.

Faced with lots and lots of late night/early morning hours awake I pointed my Netflix streaming right at Firefly.  To be honest I fell asleep during the first episode.  Twice.  But the next night I watched it straight through and got the second episode under my belt.  Tonight I watched the third episode titled Bushwhacked.  Awesome.  I’m all of the sudden very much a fan of Mr. Whedon the third generation TV writer.  (such a fan that I even went all the way to wikipedia to find out that little fact about him.) I was so oblivious to its initial TV run that even after however many years its been since it was cancelled I still have seen or read no spoilers.  I’d heard about this quirky little sci-fi/western show that was trying hard to find steady audience but then it was gone.  A blip on my pop-culture radar when the movie Serenity was released but no idea of its actual story.  I did hear from a few friends that I’d like it though.  They’re right so far.

I might have to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  At this point I’ve got no reason not to.  There are franchises that for some reason I haven;t been able to bring myself to get involved i.

*****We interrupt this blog post for a medical emergency******
I wish I was joking.

Funny story folks.  As I was typing the little nonsense above, a nasty little mucous plug made its way into Liam’s trach and plugged it up enough that suctioning it out with a catheter wasn’t able to fix it.   Emergency Trach Change Time —  Yay!! Nothing like having to spring into action with a steady hand and attention to the smallest sterile detail at 3:00am.  Karin got it especially bad in that she was upstairs in a dead sleep.  At least I was awake.  Being woken up to that situation is not fun by any means.  She’s amazing by the way.  She jumped into action with a word and within minutes our little blue guy was a little pink faced guy giving us dirty looks and wondering why his mean parents woke him up to jostle him around so much.  My little warrior is pretty unfazed by these things; here we are less than twenty minutes later and he’s sleeping soundly next to me.

So now I want to relax.  I don’t feel much like typing away about a silly TV show anymore.  I am a new fan of  Firefly but let’s face it — I’m a much bigger fan of Liam.

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