Always hoping the next leap, would be the leap home.

Let’s face it folks; in the battle over my late night hours sleep has been beating up on blogging for the last couple of months. While I don’t see that changing much, I hope to be more productive here in the coming days. It will not be easy though. Add to the mix our recent return to Netflix and the fact that I can stream movies and TV to our Wii. How can I possibly be expected to blog when I can sit with Liam watching late night marathons of Doctor Who or even Quantum Leap? That’s right folks, I said Quantum Leap. I’m watching some right now.

Liam is fantastic. He’s getting bigger and bigger and achieving more and more with his PT, OT, and Speech Therapy. We’ve got a stander now to help him learn what it feels like to stand upright and has been doing very well tolerating it. He loves the fresh air and all three of us are enjoying his daily walks around the neighborhood.

Home nursing has gotten more complicated than it should be. While the actual care day to day has been better, the scheduling and bureaucracy of dealing with the nursing agency has gotten harder and harder. It is unfortunate that all of my family’s plans are dependent on the scheduling prowess of a fairly rude administrative assistant. Even more unfortunate is that said assistant doesn’t seem to understand that, even after repeatedly being told. After some angry yet professional and civil phone calls things have gotten better but I’m not ready to call it progress until they can sustain this level of care.

That said, we did manage to wrangle an evening of nursing help from someone we trust enough that Karin and I were able to go on a date! Dinner and a movie for the first time in close to two years. I’m pretty sure that the 4 and a half hours we were away was the longest that Liam has gone without one of us at his side since he left the NICU. It was great but we pushed the boundaries of Karin’s tolerance for separation. We hadn’t even placed our drink order when Karin informed me that we would not be ordering dessert. Toy Story 3 was fantastic of course, and yes, I cried at the end too.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ve fended off sleep long enough and must surrender. Hope everyone had a great 4th and is enjoying their summer. Night all.

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