bad blogger.

I guess all it takes to get me to blog again is a truly terrible day. Some increased seizure activity and random fever spikes had us spending most of the day in the Dr.’s office and a trip to the hospital for an x-ray. The x-ray was complete overkill if you ask Karin and I but we completely understand the doctor’s reasoning for ordering one and his need to check it off the list. We know our boy and we know his breathing better than anything. If he were having respiratory symptoms we would see it in his ventilator readings and pulse oxymeter. We shot home as soon as the films were taken knowing that there would be no need to admit Liam. The doctor called three hours later to tell us what we already knew.

The kid caught a bug. He got sick. It happens. With all of the extra information we have about Liam’s body it is difficult for us to accept that we can’t point to a specific cause. Guess what? Kids get sick. Happens everyday, but when that kid is on a ventilator we have to worry about x-rays and white blood cell counts. Yippee.

He’s doing much better now after an afternoon of sleep anyway. We’ve been taking his temperature every few hours to watch for another spike but things have been just fine since we returned home. He’s definitely uncomfortable and possibly in pain. I can tell because his heart rate is a bit elevated but it’s nothing we can’t deal with at home. The pain and fevers can both raise the likelihood of seizures though so we watch, and we hope he gets the rest he needs to fight off whatever bug he’s picked up.

It’s a shame I waited so long to blog. We have enjoyed a bunch of awesome milestones and events including Liam’s first backyard cookout here at the house to celebrate a special mother’s day and the anniversary of his initial trip home from the Nicu. We had a great time at a special private event at the local zoo for kids who have spent significant time in the Children’s Hospital; and have made large steps forward in his therapy and development. All of these stories would have made wonderful blog posts (and maybe still will someday) but I get tired at night. Having an 18 month old at home is hard, ask any parent, and sometimes I have to decide between sleep and blogging. I used to think I could do both, I’m getting wiser in my old age.

G’night all.

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