The March

The March for Babies was yesterday morning. It was cold and rainy but still fun. Liam was a trooper and made it through the whole walk. By the end he was by far the driest and warmest of us all.

I wanted to spend the walk thinking about what I would write here and taking lots of pictures but instead I was only focused on trying to keep Liam warm and dry. A distant second was trying to keep myself warm and dry.

Team Liam was the most successful of all the “family” teams. We raised over $5000. and I would like to mention that the top three fundraisers on the team were my Aunt Kelly, Karin’s Mom and my Mom who each raised over a thousand dollars. Amazing work and I am so proud of them all.

I’m sorry folks but I’m exhausted. I wanted to have a great long post about the walk and what it means to us but I don’t have the energy tonight. I just wanted to post a few pics and make sure to mention how proud I am of our team. I’ve done that and now its time to get some sleep.

Night all.

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