Pre-Walk Walk

March of Dimes sponsored March for Babies day really is like a holiday for most families touched by premature birth. We have been waiting to take Liam on this walk for a year. Last year we finished walking and went straight back to the NICU to tell Liam all about it. This year we get to show him.

In the morning we prepared the house for the walk and in the afternoon we took a practice lap. We haven’t had many chances to put the new stroller through its paces and so we took advantage of the nice weather and headed out. Good thing too because we did find a few things we can do differently tomorrow to make things easier.

Afterward we spent a good while just hanging out in the yard and waiting for Liam’s Aunt Kathy and cousin Aiden to come over and for his Grammy and Opa to arrive from New Jersey. I got to take a bunch of photos before and after our stroll.

It makes me a little sad to see how big he looks in this photo. My big boy is growing up way too fast.

Kid knows how to wear a hat though.

Dad! Don’t make me laugh so hard!

(or yawn, it could be a yawn)

I’m going with laugh though.

My bubbles.

He seemed to really love hanging out outside for a change.

It may be so 2009, but no one rocks the faux hawk quite as cool as Liam. This shot is Mom’s handiwork.

Liam tries to play it cool even though he’s psyched about the awesome paper plate maraca that his cousin made for him today at the zoo.


We finished the day with an incredibly delicious meal prepared by Karin’s mom and settled in early in anticipation of tomorrow’s festivities. Thank you to all who helped out here today and I’m excited to see everyone involved with the walk tomorrow.

Go Team Liam!

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