Oh, The Joys.

Disclaimer: I feel it only fair to warn you that this post may seem to stink to some but a home with a baby is a home that talks about poop. It can get graphic. You’ve been warned. While I’m here adding a disclaimer after writing the post, can you tell I read a cool post about semi-colons? (hat tip to Cherie Priest, whose book, Boneshaker, I am currently reading.) It helped out when editing tonight.

What gets poop out of couch upholstery? No really, I’m asking; what gets POOP out of couch upholstery?

Liam didn’t poop for the first 40 days of his life. We have had bowel movement issues since day one and ever since an eventual bowel obstruction leading to a resection surgery at about 6 months, we celebrate poop. We have prayed for poop and at times have literally danced upon its arrival. The usual first time parent attitude about how cute their baby’s wittle poopie-woopies are lasted extra long for Karin and I but its pretty safe to say that we’ve seen the last of that attitude tonight. Did I mention that there’s poop on my couch?

Liam had a doosy tonight. We are talking code red bio hazard, emergency cleanup mode doosy. Parents will know what I’m talking about when I say he had one right up the back. He was sitting up on the couch like a big boy all afternoon and by the time we realized he needed a change it was too late. Time to get the tub ready.

With the challenges that we have had and will continue to face, Karin and I celebrate the “normal” things. The universal moments that ALL parents face. These are the things that keep us grounded when we spend nights trying to sleep in hospital chairs and when we worry about battery back up power because breathing equals electricity in our world. This is just one of those things that I wish we missed out on though.

You know what I’m talking about parents. A real tag-team diaper change situation. All hands on deck; I actually had to have Karin take over so that I could change my clothes. To those of you who don’t have any children this may sound pretty gross and hard to believe. It is gross, but believe me. Please believe me! You will understand someday. Oh the joys you’ll understand.

I’m thinking about just burning the couch cover. Next time I’m going vinyl.

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