The Days are Just Packed.

I had big big plans for this week away from the day job. Big plans. Work to be done around the house, fiction to be completed, and some longish blog posts on surviving a long term hospital stay without losing your mind. None of that got done. None of it.

But that’s ok with me because what I did do with the time I should have been “productive” was so much more fulfilling. All week long the only thing I did was spend time with my boy. We read together, we napped together, we stayed up until 5am together. It was wonderful. It would have been nice to get a whole bunch of projects completed this week so that I could look back on my To-Do list and be proud about how much work I had gotten done but I wouldn’t trade one single second of the wonderful time with my boy.

So here are the pictures in a tidy little slideshow. Starting with a nice walk we took to my Nan’s house and going through the pictures I took of our trip to the zoo.

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