Don’t bother me I’m on Vacation. A vacation from my problems.

I am on vacation. A vacation from the day job that could not come at a better time. I need this. Last year with the birth of Liam I had used up all of my vacation time and sick time in january. The remainder of the year I was unpaid whenever I had to take time from work for Liam’s hospital stays. All told, that would amount to about 2 and a half more months of time off. And so I was very excited this January when my paid time off rolled into a new cycle and I had three glorious weeks of paid time off with which to play. It will be a long time before we are able to take a trip as a family and so I figured I would break up the year with time spent at home not worrying about having to leave every day. A week in March a week sometime midsummer and a week in October for my birthday. I’m excited to begin.

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