Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Well I’m feeling much better but unfortunately despite my better efforts at staying as far away from him as I could Liam has caught my cold. Karin has caught it as well but there’s little chance of a cold sending her to the hospital. We’re pretty sure we’ve gotten through the worst of it with Liam and the congestion seems to have stayed in his head and not made it down to his lungs thank God. He is cranky and irritable and doesn’t show much interest in being near anyone. Just like his daddy behaves when he’s sick.

There really isn’t much more to report right now since this cold has in turns kept us all home and in bed. Here’s some photos from the past few weeks time. There not necessarily new pictures but I haven’t posted many pictures lately and so I’m making up for that here. Its 3am right now and I’ll just throw those up before heading to bed.

Bath Time Fun!

Liam finally was able to meet some of his Great Great Aunts (my Nan’s sisters) who have wanted to meet him for so long but just weren’t able due to sicknesses or other complications.

My Nan is the one facing the camera. Of course in true Liam fashion he slept through the whole thing.
But even in sleep Liam likes holding hands as you can see above.

Karin has vowed to never cut Liam’s hair and I don’t blame her. How could we cut off that beautiful curl he gets going on top of his head?

I’ve mentioned in the past that it annoys Karin when I take pictures of food so in true husband fashion these next few are for her. I made a kick-ass stir-fry last week and couldn’t help but take a few pictures of all the colors just for her. If you are interested in seeing a very cool food blog that includes amazing photos of food check out David Lebovitz’s blog. He’s a cookbook writer who tells of his adventures since moving to Paris and his food photos in every post are fantastic.

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