Looking more like his Mom lately.

Well, we’ve been home since Wednesday afternoon and it has been a whirlwind of a week. I’ve worked everyday this week and besides all the hospital stuff and catching up Karin has been dealing with daily phone calls to insurance companies, doctor’s offices and pharmacies. As I’ve said before, being Liam’s secretary, sorry executive assistant, is a full time job. We are still very tired. Liam is adjusting back to his old self although he owes us a poop and better pay up tonight.

Hopefully the weekend will be nice and uneventful. We all need our rest.

As I was writing this I started hearing what I thought was a leak in Liam’s trach. After a thorough investigation I have concluded that it was actually the cat. Snoring. Lying next to Liam’s crib. Good thing I woke up the boy to make sure his trach was attached correctly and that his ties weren’t too loose. Awesome.

I’ve got a few longish posts about the hospital stay and about being hospital parents 80% written but they are in notebooks and the last thing I feel like doing at this particular moment is typing and editing so I’ll once again quickly throw a few random thoughts together and call it a blog post.


As has so often happened this week, the topic of conversation last night turned to some part of digestion.
“yeah its kind of like that coffee that I read about that is only brewed after the coffee beans have been eaten by some monkeys and shit out.” I said, making conversation with Karin when without missing a beat or cracking a smile she looked at me and said matter of factly,

“oh, you mean Folgers.”

I hadn’t laughed as hard in weeks. Just thinking about it now makes me laugh. I am very lucky to be married to someone who after all these years still makes me laugh more than anyone else I know.


Liam has woken up and sorry folks but he’s a lot more fun than typing on this silly laptop so I am signing off for the night. Hope you all have a pleasant weekend and If I don’t make it back before Sunday night, Go Saints!

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