Hospital Stay #4 Day 4

Another day of progress at the Hasbro Hilton. (Even after spending 108 days here at Hasbro Childrens Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit I never heard it referred to as the Hasbro Hilton) Since nothing significant ever happens in a hospital unless its emergent, we finally met with some of the doctors we really wanted to see today. KArin met with our amazing pediatrician who was very happy to see how much better Liam is feeling. He has called us a few times a day since we got here on Friday but today was the first day he was able to see Liam. While he was here talking to Karin, and waiting for me to get my lazy ass up and at ’em, Liam’s equally amazing surgeon came to see him and check out all of his x-rays. While hanging out and chit-chatting with Karin our surgeon started complimenting our pediatrician on a lecture he gave recently and then he went ahead and did it. Right there in front of Karin. He popped the question. “So uh, will you be my kid’s doctor?”

We feel like matchmakers. Both of these wonderful men have meant so much to our family. Both have been there for us through some of our highest highs and lowest lows. And while we always knew that our pediatrician was a brilliant man and wonderful doctor, to have another brilliant, wonderful doctor trust him with his own children reinforces our belief that we could not have chosen a better pediatrician.


Liam was able to start eating today! We started slow with only a teaspoon per hour of pedialyte but have doubled that since this morning and doubled that again about an hour ago he will be back to formula soon as long as he tolerates what we are pumping in tonight. Things are moving along swimmingly and since he barely slept in the last few days because of the pain he was in, he has slept all day and continues to be sound asleep.

Karin is at home tonight. I am here. What will I sleep in you ask? Don’t worry, the uncomfortable chair in Liam’s room unfolds to become a very uncomfortable bed!
With one of us here with him at all times and me going back to work today Karin and I have spent a total of 0 minutes together outside of this hospital room in the last 4 days. Someday I might actually get to spend time alone in a room with my wife again. Someday.


Okay, Liam report winding down. On to the results of the ‘How many Law & Order episodes did we watch over the weekend?” Well, the answer surprised me. Law & Order has been a time wasting staple of ours through all of our different hospital stays and with at least one of us here with Liam 24 hours a day and it being shown on no less than five of the channels we have here I expected a much larger number. I did have a few guidelines that I suppose I should have outlined before the weekend. 1.) If we found an episode we had to stop flipping and watch the remainder of it. 2.) Since we are in the hospital and things like talking to doctors can get in the way, watching the whole episode was not necessary to count as an episode watched.

Final Tally: 14.

I am disappointed. I thought we’d be able to get a few more in there. But A&E was showing an Intervention marathon on sunday and that is one train wreck that neither of us can look away from. So it stayed at 14 episodes from Friday morning to Sunday night, which would make the winning guess Kathy’s guess of 22. Unless we are using Price is Right rules in which case the winner is me with a guess of one dollar. Congratulations Kathy. Enjoy the bragging rights.


Oh, I have pictures! Nothing special just a few pictures I got with my phone today because the boy was looking so damn cute while taking a nap with his mom. We haven’t been able to hold him the last few days because of how much pain his belly made him feel so it truly warmed my heart to walk into his room after work today to see this…And then I had to take this next one to show off all that hair! Love those curls.

Its late and I’m tired. I will lie down and pretend to sleep as the nurses and respiratory therapists make their way in and out of the room. Hopefully the housekeeping staff will get to this floor later than last time I tried sleeping here. Gotta love how they think they can vacuum around my chair without waking me up.

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