Can you fall asleep with the hiccups?

Liam has finally fallen asleep for the night. It’s 1:44am. He has decided that 2am suits him as a bedtime and we are powerless to stop it. Try as we may to keep him up through the day to tire him out, he simply refuses to settle into bed early. Tonight I hope he sleeps well. He should.

He had another seizure tonight. This one was a doozy. He settled quickly after his diastat but the dose doesn’t guarantee sleep the way it used too. His post seizure hiccups kept him up for a while. But he’s asleep now. Good thing too as we are due in the pediatricians office for a visit and another round of immunizations bright and early at 8:30am. I’ve got the portable ventilator all set up and ready for a quick exit in the morning. We’re getting pretty good at the travel thing. Me? I’m going to need a nap tomorrow for sure. Luckily I have the day off from work, since today was originally scheduled for a trip to the eye doctor in Boston for a fairly complex procedure. With the night Liam had I’m glad we’ll only have to drive a few minutes away.

Don’t get me wrong the kid is doing fine. His numbers and lung sounds are great but the seizures take a lot out of him and he’ll probably be a bit cranky in the morning. Liam, like his daddy, has never been a morning person. I better get myself to bed soon too.

We had a good weekend. Liam got to spend a lot of time with his Meme and Grampa (my parents) while Karin and I got some work done around the house. The second floor is shaping up nicely and I only wish I had this weekend off as well to really finish it up. My father and I also spent most of Sunday working on building a shelving system so that I can organize the rest of the junk we have accumulated over the years. Its surprising how many christmas decorations I already own given that this is the first year we’ve really decorated for christmas. We had some major stress that involved one of Liam’s meds and the morons who run its only distribution pharmacy and he had a few strong seizures as we work on adjusting his dose of that med. Par for the course in Liam’s world. He handles it all better than I do. We finished it all off by cheating on our diets and ordering chinese food and watching the end of the football game. (How does a team with a quarterback who is NOT ALLOWED TO THROW THE FOOTBALL end up in the AFC Championship game???) Although I had some plans with a friend that I wasn’t able to make, it was still a very good weekend.

The slow rhythm of Liam’s vent is starting to put me to sleep now so I will end here. Hope everyone had a nice Martin Luther King Day, and I hope that you give to the Red Cross as much as you can spare. The people of Haiti need it more than you do.

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