Santa Came!!

Liam’s first Christmas!!!! The picture is from yesterday. I love how Liam has taken to spending his afternoon nap on the couch rather than in his bed or playpen. Just like his daddy.

We are waiting for my parents and sister to arrive to start our “Christmas Morning.” Karin and I got up a few hours ago to relieve the night nurse. We have spent the morning drinking coffee and watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and I am playing on the computer. Liam is all gussied up in his first Christmas outfit of which I’m sure I’ll post pictures later.

Christmas Eve was fun. Lots of errands to run but also lots of relaxation. Liam helped me wrap Karin’s gifts while she was out buying groceries. Baking was accomplished and more will be done today in preparation of Liam’s birthday tomorrow. Liam had fun being snuggled and read to all day long.

All of the sudden Calvin has been interested in the camera. I guess he wants his 15 minutes of blog time.

Look at that hair in the shot on the left!

Mom keeps the kid styling in the coolest sweaters.

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you spend the day with the ones you love.

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