Liam had an appointment at the pediatrician’s office today. Its been one month since we’ve seen the good doctor which is the longest its ever been since meeting him. He’s a big fan of Liam’s. Nothing to report as it was a well visit. Just a few questions to keep the chart up to date and a quick but thorough physical examination. Liam is now weighing in at a plump 21 pounds 2 ounces!! I have friends who have a 2 year old that weighs 24 pounds. He is now 26 inches long which is pretty low on the curve but we aren’t worried about that. He’s just the right size for us.

Having the quick Dr.’s appointment today is actually a big help because tomorrow we have to pack up the whole kit and kaboodle and head on up to Boston. One of the meds that Liam is on has a side effect which can damage the retina of the patient. In order to release the med to anyone they need to prove that the patient has follow up appointments with an eye doctor and they referred us. Liam’s retinas are very compromised as it is due to his retinopathy of prematurity. His left retina is completely detached and his right was only saved by a very long and specialized surgery up in Boston by one of the country’s leading eye surgeons.

I am not worried about the appointment itself but I am nervous about driving up there. Maybe nervous isn’t the right word. Anxious? I would be feeling this way even if it were only me heading to the doctors. I just hate driving into Boston at 9am.

This will be the farthest from home we have ever been since Liam left the hospital. It will also be the longest amount of time Liam has left the house since coming home. The list of things not to forget in the morning is enormous. We’ve been over it and over it and I think we finally have everything ready. BE sure to read tomorrow night to find out what it was that we did forget because you know it will be something.

Well 6am comes quick and we have a nurse tonight so that we can get some sleep before tomorrow’s adventure so I better take advantage of it. Good night.

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