Just closing up tabs.

A really extensive list of the first lines of novels. Very in depth and ordered by visitors votes for best first line. Fun to scroll through for sure.


Gimme Friction Baby. Do not… wait, let me get this right…DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT click on the link to this addictive flash game if you have anything to do in the next hour. possibly 2.


I think this is the coolest Tricycle for a kid I have ever seen. More pictures and the artist Sasha White talks of making it for his daughter Delilah here.

Here’s a list of lists of the tops of the decade. Top books, movies, music and comics of the past decade from Paste magazine. And while we’re at it Kottke.org took on an intern of sorts to compile more lists of Best of’s for the Noughtie List. I love the term Noughties for this decade and hope it the one that sticks. That or the oughts.

Famous wartime photos with 100% more superhero action.****

I started a Posterous blog for any of my pictures from my phone or sent to my phone by my wife. Some fun spontaneous shots of Liam over there.


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