Holiday Card Day.

Karin has been trying for days to get a couple of pictures of Liam in a holiday looking outfit so that we could make our Christmas card. All attempts were busts and so a change of strategy was in order. Liam is very photogenic but he makes you work very hard to capture his brand of adorable magic.

Instead of having some sort of plan for a photo shoot time we decided to just keep him in holiday clothes with holiday blankets all around and just shoot all day rather than putting some pressure on a few hours here and there.

Although none of the pictures truly scream holidays we did get enough to send out a pretty cool card. Karin and I are pretty unorganized people and we have never sent out cards in the 7 years that we’ve been married. This year we wouldn’t be able to get away with not sending out cards. Everyone wants to know how the baby is doing.

He’s doing just fine by the way. We had an ok weekend even though I had to work yesterday. Today we spent the day together watching yesterday’s snow melt out the front window and screaming and yelling at the patriots on TV. We read the first chapter of The Hobbit aloud, during which I gave myself a sore throat trying to come up with voices for all those dwarves.

My sister spent the day with us watching the football games and then after going home to finish her laundry came back in the evening with my parents who made us all meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn and bread. We all ate and laughed and had general storytelling and merriment. The visitors all headed home before 8pm which left a few hours of quiet and privacy before the nighttime nurse came in at 11:00pm. A very nice and relaxing day which could have only been improved with a patriots win over miami.

Snapped this today just in case any of you wanted to see what three days worth of Liam’s meds would be dispensed with. This gallon sized ziploc holds all of the syringes used from Friday morning at 6am to Sunday evening at 8pm. I suppose I could do the math but I think the picture is much more fun. Tonight they’ll all be separated, boiled and organized by size for re-use.

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