Breathing’s just a rhythm.

As we speed towards the end of the year and the decade I’ve been looking back on the past year and what, if anything, has penetrated the focus on Liam to make its mark on my year. Each year I do enjoy looking back on what my favorite books, music, movies of the past year would be, but this year there was little in my consciousness other than Liam. I didn’t see many new movies over the year and although I did read a bunch, much of that was simply turning pages next to Liam’s bed. Regina made it into the memories. She made it big time and for the rest of my life I will always associate her newest album Far with driving back and forth to the hospital. The album never left the cd player of the car and since we would often drive back and forth 3 and 4 times a day we would normally hear the whole album every day for over 3 months.

This song is especially meaningful as a close listen to the lyrics may show. It will always be for us Liam’s Picu song, and easily my favorite song of 2009. Enjoy.

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