All seizures all the time!

It’s been an extremely long week. I will try to recap…

Monday — Liam has his longest and most severe seizure needing Diastat to break him out of it. We also notice that his seizure activities were starting to change. Rather than one strong event these were looking like a cluster of many, many short seizures over 15 to 20 minutes. I mention to Karin that this must be infantile spasms. A common type of seizure for kids with Liam’s syndrome.

Tuesday — A few more seizures that seem to upset Liam more. Neurology contacted but not much they can do until we see the doctor on Wednesday morning. In wonderful timing on Liam’s part the appointment was made months ago. Also Karin gets deeper and deeper into a battle with the insurance company over a very, very important drug that we were already told would be covered but now they’re dragging their feet.

Wednesday — Doctor’s appointments in the morning. First with pulmonology who were very happy with Liam’s progress. No changes to vent settings. Then with Neurology who spent almost an hour talking with us about the seizures. He diagnosed the small clusters as infantile spasms pending an EEG for Thursday. The treatment will involve many eye exams in Boston to watch for a side effect that can damage the eyes. Liam’s eyes are already damaged enough but the other treatment’s side effects are even worse and the decision was a no-brainer. In the afternoon Karin continues her battle with insurance as they continue to drag their feet on a treatment that could potentially leave Liam susceptible to a life threatening illness. I’ll get into why you’re wrong if you’re against health care reform in a later post, this post is supposed to be about Liam.

Thursday — Get the whole family out the door bright and early to get to the hospital at 7:30am. EEG nurses are friendly and efficient and we are quickly processed and they fix the sensors to Liam’s scalp. The test can last as long as 6 hours but we were hoping that Liam would help a little by showing us everything we needed to see. He did. He stayed awake for about twenty minutes, he slept for about twenty minutes and then he had one of his seizures for about twenty minutes. After it was through the nurses said they had everything we needed and sent us home. Liam was tired and slept most of the day. He has been sleeping most days this week as the seizures have taken a lot out of him. It has been difficult but we (mostly Mom while I’m at work) have done a good job of making sure he does all his physical therapy each afternoon. More phone calls to insurance companies, doctors offices, and pharmacies. Being Liam’s Secretary is a full time job in itself.

Friday — The doctor calls to tell us that the EEG results confirm his (and my) diagnosis and we need to get into his office quickly to sign all the paperwork to start treatment. Karin drops me off at work and heads there while we have the nurse in the morning. Liam is having more spasms but they seem to be less intense. We all hope that the treatment we have chosen works and works fast. The insurance company officially says no to the other treatment I mentioned. There are no alternatives and it is a med that Liam must have. It costs a little over $2000 dollars a month but luckily the state will be picking up the tab. Because Liam was born so small he qualifies for state aide which is the only way this family would survive. All companies and offices called and confirmed and we should have the med soon. Hopefully by Monday.

Through all that we also had our non-Liam stresses and obstacles. Sleep has been scarce and we haven’t been eating well or exercising. My work sucks and I haven’t done much reading and even less writing. Through it all, Liam has given us both so many smiles, hugs, and kisses. In one glance Liam can make all the headaches, the frustration and the aggravation melt away and be forgotten. Without him in our lives we may have a bit more free time and a little less stress but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Its truly a small price to pay for the joy that Liam brings to my heart each and every time I see him, hold him, or even think of him.

Posting to (hopefully) resume a somewhat consistent schedule. The In-laws visit tomorrow and I’m hearing good things about the weather. Things are looking up!

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