We’ll call them blog McNuggets.

I still wake up in the dark of the night and the first thing I think to myself is – “I gotta call the hospital and check on Liam!” Even if he’s right next to me. It happens a lot more often than I’d like to admit.

The seizures seemed to only get worse as the week and ultimately the weekend went on; with a grand finale of a seizure this morning just after I left for work. This one lasted about five minutes and for the first time he needed a diastat shot to break him from it. He slept for the rest of the day (you would too after a shot of valium like that) while Karin contacted his neurologist and got the new doses for his meds. We increased a dose of medicine and will be seeing the doctor on wednesday morning anyway. The appointment was actually made months ago so Liam’s timing couldn’t be better. He has been fine all day and all night but I hesitate to expand on that as it would be what we call – tempting fate. (yes, of course I’m knocking on wood as I type this.)

The big move to the second floor is still in progress but we are into the nitty gritty details now. Our space upstairs feels comfortable and welcoming and is a small escape from nurses and visitors. When your house feels like a clinic a nice quiet room is all you really need.

Liam continues to get bigger and bigger as I think I forgot to mention that at his last pediatricians appointment the big guy weighed in at 19 lbs. 12 oz. !!!! My little chubs.

We’re all gonna pretend that last night’s patriots/colts game just never happened K?

The Sandman Series is everything I hoped it would be. Great, now I have to go out and buy all the books.

The neighbors across the way set up their Christmas lights last night and a gauntlet has been thrown down. One that we simply can’t compete with. Lights everywhere, an inflatable snowman and not only a large inflatable Santa Claus but also a large inflatable reindeer dressed like Santa Claus. They did a good job and it pleases us that we can see it all from the couch.

I’m hoping that the Redbox gets the new Star Trek movie quickly. We haven’t been to a movie all year and so I have a lot of catching up to do. The Hangover, Inglorious Basterds, District 9, and Where the Wild Things Are are on the list too. I’m beside myself with excitement for Viggo in The Road too.

Liam decided to stay up all night tonight! Yay! So here it is 3am and he is still awake. Good thing we have no early appointments tomorrow. He may still be awake but I’m fading fast. Couch next to his crib is always comfortable enough for me, even if it is about 6 inches less wide than I am tall.

Night all.

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