The Days are Just Packed.

Liam’s care can be very intensive at home and with me back at work much of that falls to his mother. The weekend is the time when I need to make it up to her by giving her a break. Its a selfish act really because the hours of the day when I work are Liam’s most active and alert. His twice daily medicine regimen has him pretty drowsy both before and after my work shift. The weekend is my time to play.

I wanted Karin to get a nice long night’s sleep last night so I told her to sleep all night and I would handle all alarms, suction, and med doses. She let me get a few hours sleep in the morning and then the real fun began. She plopped him into my arms as soon as I poured my first cup of coffee and the two of us drifted in and out of sleep watching the TV on the recliner. There is no better way to start a weekend.

My Mother-in-Law came for a day visit and spent the early afternoon holding The Boy and catching up with us. I knew that Karin has not left the house since we came home from the hospital so it was time for her mother to take her shopping so that they could get some alone time. Karin needs more time away from it all to decompress so I was very glad that they really took their time. Liam and I spent the male bonding time reading and watching TV. Law & Oder Criminal Intent is one of Liam’s favorite shows so he was happy to see that their was a marathon of it on cable.

Liam has spent close to 90% of his life on his back in a hospital bed so time in any other position is so beneficial to start strengthening his core muscles. We spent the rest of the afternoon rolling around on the floor. I snapped the photo above while we played with a exercise two. And we sat on the floor together to watch The Lion King. I forgot how much I like that one.

My Mom & Dad came over with dinner and we all had a great meal before my Mother-In-Law headed out for home and my parents followed suit a little while later. Karin and I got Liam ready for bed. Just before getting his big 8pm med regiment Liam rolled himself over onto his side. A big move for a kid with the muscle tone issues Liam has. This may be why he has been sleeping through the night lately. He can finally make himself more comfortable by repositioning instead of needing us. We’ll take any kind of Independence we can get from Liam. It was a fun moment.

I don’t think I could have written a better Saturday. I laughed a lot. I smiled a lot. I got to be the daddy I always thought I could be all those days in the hospital waiting for my turn to take care of Liam.

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