Just a bunch of Homebodies.

We’re all home now! Liam was sprung at about 4:15pm. I’m pretty tired from work and kid stuff but I need to force myself into writing here at least daily. There was only one major event for today and it is the best news of the week so far! Home.

There was so much confusion as no one seemed to know what the plan was. Since 5 different doctors follow Liam’s case no one quite knew who was keeping us there so long. Each one thought we were still there because another was waiting for some results or changes. Its that lack of communication and attention to details that made up the differences between being in the ICU and the regular hospital (or GenPop as I called it). Its quiet. As all of our experience in the hospitals were in the ICU, we weren’t ready for the quiet. Less equipment running, less monitors beeping, less ventilators breathing. Quiet. I was also surprised by how little we saw of our nurse. Without sounding cocky – aside from starting an IV – there is nothing that a nurse would do for him that Karin and I have not been doing for months. We went close to 4 hours without seeing a single nurse today. Don’t get me wrong I am not in any way saying that the nurses themselves were the problem. They were all knowledgeable and helpful when they could be but the job is simply different than ICU nursing. Instead of 2 patients per nurse in the NICU/PICU, I think the ratio was closer to 6 to 1 up on the regular floor. The nurses were relieved to have a set of parents as knowledgeable and as independent as we were because it left less work for them. All the more reason we should have been home. If we have no use for the nurses why did we need to be there? Well Karin and I made enough noise for them to just give up and say get out of here. We didn’t need to be told twice. We were in the car about 20 minutes later.

The pediatrician has been called. Nurses won’t start coming until Thursday because we need some time alone first. He is in tip-top shape and we are ready to start our third experiment in home living. I’ll post pics when they’re ready and I plan on posting some long pieces soon. Expect tweaks to the layout and design of the site too. There’s lots happening here so make sure you tell your friends to visit.

Liam is sleeping comfortably and I don’t see why I shouldn’t do the same.

Night all.

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  1. I'm so glad you found our blog! Your Liam is adorable! I can empathize with your frustration at the hospital. When Mikan had to return to the PICU we ended up staying much longer because his doctors wouldn't send him home without home care established since his needs were so high. Unfortunately, a bad experience with home care in the first place was what sent us to back to the hospital. He was in the NICU 151 days, then home for 2 weeks, then back in the PICU 35 days.You're right, ours is an uncommon road, but I've been shocked to find out how many others have similar stories too. They just crawl out of the woodwork when you have an experience like this. Mikan finally got off his ventilator when he was 15 months old (he's 20 months now). He still has a trach and g-tube. It's a long road, but, as you know, you learn to adapt and just love your kid. I'll be praying for Liam and his continual progress.Jenna

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