NaNo No More

I didn’t have to work today and so I got to spend the whole day with Liam in the hospital. I am surprised by just how dark it has gotten so early in the day. Every year it surprises me. As this is the first time Liam has had a hospital room outside of the intensive care units it is the first time he has had a room with a view. The natural light coming through has been wonderful but all of a sudden the room got very dark. Ever fall asleep in the daylight and wake up in the dark? Unsettling. I had to ask my wife what day it was.

Two posts in one day?! I’m not sure it will happen all that much but I have the time. The first was an update on Liam so I think I’ll keep this one to non-Liam related things.

I’m having a hard time with the new Pahlaniuk book Pygmy. Trying to figure out what the narrator means in his broken English is distracting the flow of the narrative. I am trying to decide whether or not the plot so far looks promising enough to trudge through it. On the other hand I started reading Perforated Heart by Eric Bogosian. Its a quick read and I’m enjoying it, even if I have read many books that follow the same formula. Its the usual portrait of the artist type story. Yes the narrator even has his old journals from when he began his career as a writer. Troubles with the ex-wife and the girlfriend and the unending fear of dying alone. A bit cliche but an enjoyable read nonetheless.

I had every intention of participating in the National Novel Writing Month this year but here we are on the 3rd day of the month and I’m already 4500 words in the whole. I had thought that it would be the perfect way to stay productive as I stayed up watching over Liam every night. This visit to the hospital has put a bit of a dent in those plans. I may still start today though and see if I can’t crank out some extra pages during the weekend. I have been preparing story lines and characters in my head for a few weeks now so I better get them down on paper soon before they disappear.

I want to make a little widget for my sidebar that will help me add up how many days Liam has either been at home or the hospital. Someday next year I hope that the days home will outnumber the hospital but that is a loooooong way off. A really looong way off. Anyone who knows how to create something like that pretty easily I would appreciate it.

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