Pictures? Why, of course I have pictures of my son.

Hello internets. Been too busy or tired post but I have taken a few pictures. It has been a great few days. Thursday was a wonderful day including a fantastic Neurological evaluation for Liam by his doctors from the Follow-Up Clinic. ( I’ll get into it in a post dedicated to it but Liam has a chromosomal imbalance which has resulted in Miller Dieker Syndrome. His brain didn’t complete its development and he will experience developmental delays for all of his life.) News that had The Wife and I happy enough to dance. I got a ton of things done around the house. Things that should have gotten done over the summer but need to get done before the winter. I ran into a dear old friend that I haven’t seen in 12 years and had a great dinner hanging out with my parents. It was fun for the whole family.

Liam continues to do well except for a sore stomach all day today which made him quite irritable as well as effecting his respiratory function. When your bloated with gas your lungs can’t expand as much. When your lungs can’t expand enough your respiratory rate gets higher. When your respiratory rate gets higher your ventilator doesn’t like it and beeps and beeps. Oh how I love the beeping. Anyway, he’s a tough cookie and so a sore tummy isn’t gonna keep my boy down long. We adjusted his meds to compensate and we’ll talk to the pediatrician on Monday.

I realize now that while I have talked about Liam and his current issues so much that I never posted any pictures here of where he started. Let’s fix that shall we. . .

That’s him the morning after he was born. All 770grams (1lb 110z) of him. Looks a bit different at 18.5 pounds doesn’t he?

Watched the movie Year One tonight. It was barely OK. The Biblical gimmicks were slightly funny but could have been much more clever. Fart jokes have their place and I guess somewhere there’s people who find eating poo funny but I’m not one of them.

I am surprised by how funny the show Community has been. Consistently getting many more belly laughs from me than The Office or 30 Rock. Even Chevy Chase is funny on this show. That’s saying something.

The E! Network has been showing Chasing Amy all weekend and it cracks me up how bad the ADR substitutions for the cuss words are in this.

The second volume of The Complete Sandman was better than the first. Can’t wait for my email from the library that the 3rd and 4th are in. Palahnuik’s new one Pygmy is a bit of a struggle. The first person narrator of a Chinese exchange student who doesn’t know much English makes it hard to follow. I’ll push through it though because the story has grabbed me. Reading Coraline to Liam and he is loving it.

With the belly issue today I wasn’t able to take my usual Saturday Nap so its off to bed for me and hopefully all three of us will get a few hours. Night All.

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