No Photos

No photos this time I’m afraid. Haven’t taken many in the last few days. We’ve been a bit busy. Liam went to see his pediatrician yesterday and we found that he is now officially in a spot on the growth curve that correlates to his age! A huge milestone for any preemie. He weighs so much in fact that he has been put on a diet. 18.5 pounds! We’ve got some skin rash issues including him breaking out into hives this morning but its nothing a bit of ointment and cream can’t get rid of.

Liam was visited today be his first friend aside from his mother and I. The first nurse Liam ever had came over to the house to hold him for a while. Caitlin was a huge part of Liam’s first 5 months and as such has become a part of the family. She is welcome any time and we were sad to hear of her plans to move to San Diego next year. At least we’ll have a place to stay when we take Liam out there to see the San Diego Zoo right?

Finished The Graveyard Book the other day and forgot to mention how much I enjoyed it. As I’ve said before it’s a very fun read and by the last chapter I almost cried. ( I cry alot these days and I’m man enough to admit it. It has been an emotional year.) Although I loved the story of Bod and his childhood in the graveyard I was taken by the story of Silas, his guardian. I am sure that I am not alone in that opinion. I have read people reviewing the book calling for a sequel but I tend to think that the story is just about perfect as it is. It may even get me to read some more YA fiction and find out what else I’ve been missing out on in that. Because it is written for someone a bit younger doesn’t mean the story doesn’t have merit.

I’m also on to volume 2 of The Sandman and loving that. out of 11 volumes I don’t think I’m far enough along to comment on the themes and plots of the series but I like what I’ve seen so far.

I sometimes find myself with too much to read and so start immersing myself into more than one book at a time. A book for reading in the morning and another that I read before bed for example. To that end I grabbed Chuck Palahniuk’s newest novel Pygmy from the library today. I never read Fight Club but I hear this one is even better. I did read Rant and found it interesting but it took a while to warm up to Palahniuk’s writing style in that one. I also thought that some of the more gruesome things put into his fiction are there simply to shock and titillate and not to further character or plot. Small sample size though and we’ll see how I like this new one.

I almost picked up Infinite Jest at the library as well but I know that I’m just not ready for that yet. It’s an enormous undertaking if I want to really do it right.

If you’re not watching Bored to Death on HBO you are missing something great. While Silverman holds the lead well it’s Zack Galifinakis an Ted Danson who just kill me on every episode. Ted’s best role since Sam Malone that is for sure.

While googling Zack Galifianakis to figure out how to spell his name I found his show Between Two Ferns on This is some funny shit.

Liam just fell asleep and the ventilator noise is getting hypnotic. Time to get some shut eye. Night all.

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